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Acupuncture points for fertility – Where do the needles go?

Fertility issues, rather, infertility is on rise now a days affecting both women and men in number of ways attributing it to variety of reasons. Ovulatory disorders, fallopian tubes damage, uterine or peritoneal disorders are some of the most common causes of infertility amongst women. That being said, 25% of fertility issues are unexplained contributing to factors like weight, stress, age, lifestyle choices. In this scenario, acupuncture helps a great deal in treating and boosting up fertility enabling them to savour joy of parenthood which they’ve been deprived of till date.

Role of Acupuncture performed at Acupuncture Perth in Boosting Fertility:

Acupuncture takes holistic approach when it comes to boosting up fertility, and is viewed as safer, tender and therapeutic option for resolving fertility issues. Certified practitioners or acupuncturists at acupuncture Perth work closely with patients in an attempt to increase fertility by targeting body’s specific areas and reducing stress. Impact of stress on peoples’ physical and mental wellbeing is well-documented with as many people regularly experiencing headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and other ailments. It is these stress-induced issues that give women sleepless nights over ovulation problems as well as causing men to experience lower sperm count and poor sperm mobility.

Acupuncture done at acupuncture Perth boosts fertility issues by decreasing feelings of stress and worries whilst increasing blood flow to reproductive organs. Furthermore, acupuncture is recommended to women as complementary treatment alongside IVF. When employed in tandem with IVF performed at IVF Perth, acupuncture is shown to have increased conception rates significantly. Before, during, post IVF treatments at IVF Perth, acupuncture targets specific acupoints for complementing treatment and synchronizing body.

In this context, question arises: Where do needles go?

One of the things that one may feel a bit squeamish about is the needles. So, where do those needles go?

Needles are inserted into body’s specific points upto 12 points per session, sometimes more. They’re inserted right under skin or little deeper on some occasions. However, one tends to feel tingling sensation or dull ache upon needle insertion, but generally doesn’t feel any pain.

Range of Acupuncture Points to Boost Fertility:

Ex-CA 1 (Zigongxue)-Known as ‘uterus point’, this point is located along centreline, a thumb’s width above pubic bone, used to help with conditions linked to uterus including fertility issues, painful menstruation and uterine prolapse.

CV2-Curved bone acupuncture point is located in centre of pubic bone, used for assisting with male infertility issues, painful menstruation, feminine discharge and irregular periods.

CV5-The ‘stone gate’ point is located approximately three inches above pubic bone. Practitioners at acupuncture Perth use this acupuncture point to assist with fertility issues in both men and women. Moreover, it’s used to provide relief from abdominal pain and gastrointestinal problems.

ST30-Surging QI point is located on inner part of groin. Practitioners often use this point to help with male fertility issues, aiding females in regulating menstrual cycles, painful periods and unusual uterine bleeding,

KD 13-This point is located along kidney meridian, used to aid in infertility issues, abdominal pain and other gynaecological problems.

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