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Acupuncture for chronic pain

Role Of Acupuncture In Reducing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, in any area of body, is enough to make anybody’s life miserable affecting one’s physical and mental conditions, hampering daily lives and activities-stress response and complex neurological mechanisms leading to chronic pain. While recommended treatments like anti-inflammatory medicines and heat rubs work for most people, those with more severe and debilitating forms of Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS) are relieved by conventional treatment like Acupuncture for Chronic Pain done at Acupuncture Perth. Simultaneously, for treating pain, core-health related behavioural patterns like sleep, nutrition and eating habits, physical activity, healthy relationships should also be taken into account alongside traditional method of treatment such as Acupuncture for Chronic Pain performed at Acupuncture Perth.

Acupuncture has long and well-documented history of treating chronic pain in China and more recently has even been accredited and verified by numerous medical studies in West as being an effective treatment for chronic pain. Acupuncture was first used long time back in China and its practice is based on the principle that human body has certain flow of energy (qi) which aids in functioning the body optimally. Energy system comprises of more than 2,000 acupuncture points connected by pathways in human body called meridians. If there’re blockages along this vast network, it leads to qi flow disruption including healing the healing resources. For restoration of qi’s proper flow, certified acupuncturists working at Acupuncture Perth, use very thin needles inserted into strategic acupuncture points around human body. Acupuncture such as Acupuncture for Chronic pain is virtually painless when administered properly.

Importance of Acupuncture in reducing chronic pain

Acupuncture is all about re-establishing balance in body providing an all-round, holistic treatment. Acupuncture like Acupuncture for Chronic Pain treated at Acupuncture Perth has been known to help activate body’s natural self-healing mechanisms. In western medical terminologies, practice of acupuncture at Acupuncture Perth, influences neurotransmitters, hormone levels, and immune system. Acupuncture for Chronic Pain, encourages release of endorphins (so-called ‘happy hormones’ or ‘feel good’ hormones) calming down pain signals.

Acupuncture performed at Acupuncture Perth is perfectly suited to deal with these problems related to chronic pain, taking into account all things that’re happening in body for improving overall condition. Treatment plan like Acupuncture for Chronic Pain will be personalised for you with combination of conditions resulting in CPS.

Putting acupuncture to the test

According to one study published in Journal of Pain, collected data from numerous trials validates acupuncture’s effectiveness in relieving chronic pain. Information gathered from nearly 21,000 patients in 39 trials, concluded that “Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain, with treatment effects persisting over time’.

Acupuncture performed at Acupuncture Perth treats chronic pain conditions like:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Back & neck pain
  • Cancer pain


Acupuncture isn’t invasive or risky approach to pain management. Treat chronic pain from certified, experienced acupuncturist at Acupuncture Perth.

See how Acupuncture can help you get on top of pain, easing out stress & improve overall well-being with Tao Acupuncture Perth one-of-a-kind clinic equipped with latest technology with 20+ years of clinical experience, 150+ effective treatments, 150+ advanced proven procedures, 100% no side effects, certified therapists, experienced acupuncturists having 850+ happy clients.

Range of Services:

  • Chronic Pain Acupuncture for activating body’s natural self-healing process.
  • IVF, Pregnancy & Fertility Acupuncture.
  • Gynaecological Genitourinary Acupuncture to alleviate problems about monthly menstrual cycle, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome).
  • Chinese & Japanese Acupuncture.
  • Acupuncture for Migraines & Headaches.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine in powders, topical pastes, salves, tablets forms.
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture for youthful, flawless skin.
  • Chinese Cupping Therapy for removing excess pathogens, mitigating muscle tension, good blood circulation & respiratory system.
  • Moxibustion for enhancing body’s self-healing capacity.


So, if you’re a long-term sufferer of chronic pain or even just exploring more natural treatments for your condition, look for professional, qualified, certified acupuncturist Quin Wang (Kathy) along with other friendly practitioners and qualified acupuncturists at Tao Acupuncture Perth! Tao Acupuncture accepts all Major Health Funds as per customers’ convenience.

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