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What is the clinic like?

Our clinic strives to create a private, peaceful and tranquil environment that is important not only when discussing your treatment but to also put you in the right frame of mind for healing so you can relax whilst you are having your treatment. We have individual, private consultation rooms for extra peace of mind rather than merely curtaining off the area.

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Your first acupuncture session

Initial consultation sessions generally last about an hour, this gives our resident acupuncture expert Qin (Kathy) enough time to not only to discuss what’s bothering you but also plan and execute an effective treatment plan to kick-start your recovery. During your first visit Qin (Kathy) will need to gain a thorough understanding of any medical issues that you are currently dealing with and a brief summary of your medical history and lifestyle.

Chinese or Japanese acupuncture?

Being one of the most prominent acupuncturists in Perth to incorporate techniques from both Chinese and Japanese style acupuncture, Qin (Kathy) will take you through the differences of both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture and discuss each of them in detail with you. She will also work with her knowledge to determine which one is best suited for your body and particular illness.

Will Chinese herbs also be dispensed?

Sometimes, but not always. It all, yet again, boils down to what is best for you as an individual and whether or not it will contribute to your wellbeing and recovery. Sometimes they may be recommended but it’s completely up to you what course of action you ultimately may be required to take and how you often chose to take it, be that with meals or a set regimen at specific times of the day.


Qin (Kathy) is also well trained in the art of cupping and may apply this treatment in order to improve circulation to individual body parts. Glass cups with a vacuum action due to the removal of the air inside with a burning stick are placed on the skin to stimulate blood flow and clear stagnant qi.


Another strategy that may be employed to assist your body’s natural healing capabilities is a technique known as Moxibustion. ‘Moxibustion’ (or Moxa for short) is considered a more gentle technique which focuses on raising the temperature of certain specific acupuncture points to encourage and improve circulation to that particular point which in turn helps to amplify the benefits gained from regular acupuncture.

Advice on diet/nutrition

Qin (Kathy) offers advice on diet and nutrition when she thinks that it will be beneficial to you and your recovery. Her advice is far from being that of your average “mung-bean fundamentalist” rather, she will work with you to come up with a manageable diet for your lifestyle.

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